Friday, October 30, 2009

New Media Breakfast Glasgow - Notes

The New Media Breakfast today in Glasgow had over 90 people in attendance, very encouraging to see so many people at 8am on a late October morning, thank you all for coming and, for the overwhelming support for what we are trying to do in the emails we have received today.

I must say, it was a relief to get home in one piece - explaining the Little Miss Matched socks to the assembled audience was one thing, explaining it to a couple of paramedics may have been another!

As promised, I have listed below some of the links to the various books I mentioned this morning for those not technically savvy enough to have picked them up from Iain Murray's Twitter posts = thanks Iain for posting them and, for letting us know that Neville Hobson sent us a message.

I would also like to thank No.29 again for their continued support of the event.

Here we go...

SIX PIXELS OF SEPARATION - This is a link to the blog where you can get details of the podcast and Mitch Joel's Book.
PURPLE COW - Link to the book on Amazon
SETH GODIN - Link to Seth's blog
THE CLUETRAIN MANIFESTO - Link to the Cluetrain web site
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE BLOG - Link to the Hobson & Holtz report blog
FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE - Link to the podcast on iTunes
SOCIAL MEDIA PODCAST - Link to the Podcastmatters Social Media Podcast
LITTLE MISS MATCHED SOCKS - Link to web site. Go on get with the craze!


The next New Media Breakfast Glasgow will be on the 27th November in No.29 and you can book your place now at

This breakfast is the morning after the Entrepreneurial Exchange Annual Awards Dinner which is normally a late night with lots of "networking" so, it's probably a good time to introduce guest speakers to the New Media Breakfast. We already have some volunteers but we are looking for more so that we can twin topics. The idea being that we will have two speaker per event with approximately 25 mins each including Q&A's. So, if you would like to take part in the future, or indeed on the 27th Nov, please email me (Gordon) with details of your area of expertise and availability.

We like to try and keep the content of Glasgow and Edinburgh the same each month so it would be good if guest speakers can take part in both events.

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