Thursday, January 28, 2010

Looking forward to a good discussion...

With 83 people pre-booked for the New Media Breakfast at 8am in 29, Glasgow, we're looking forward to some interesting discussion about Social Media in the workplace.

We've got representatives from over 60 organisations and a wide variety of market sectors so hopefully we'll get a real cross section of views.

Watch out for our report and social media podcast.

Monday, January 25, 2010

We've got our own iPhone App!

Podcastmatters now has an iPhone App called "Podcastmatters" (lots of thought went into that). with the App installed you can access the Social Media Podcast directly from your iPhone.  You can also read the show notes for each podcast and share an episode with your Facebook friends.

I created the App in iSites which is a new site that allows you to create you App for $25; you create all the graphics and links and they take care of the iTunes submission for you - it's all very simple.

The company has been inundated with applications, so much so that they sent me an email yesterday saying they intended to batch all the orders and submit 75-100 Apps each day to iTunes.  They also said they have stopped taking payments until they clear the current backlog. I thought I might have to wait a while for the App but this morning I noticed two mentions of our new App on a Google Alert for Podcastmatters - I clicked the link and there it was.

It works extremely well and, not that we've got it listed, we can start to tweek it and improve it.   I have already noticed that the iTunes Store graphic is too small so I've changed it and uploaded a new graphic - it will be interesting to see how long that takes to filter through.

Friday, January 22, 2010

Social Media Podcast No.13 - We are currently at No.2 on iTunes

We released Edition No.13 of the Social Media Podcast on Thursday and it's now at No.2 in the Audio Podcasting section in the Podcast Category. Download it to find out what we did in a car park in Inverurie and what happened to Evan could just help us to that No.1 spot AGAIN!

Download the podcast on iTunes Click Here

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Social Media Podcast No.13 - What we did in a car park in Inverurie!

In this episode we discuss the Wired Magazine article - Vanish. Evan Ratliff tried to disappear for a month, did he conduct a realistic exercise. Can you disappear and maintain a social media profile? Read the article in Wired

We talk to Eddie Gilmour, MD of Spymasters about the exercise and your digital footprint

We also talk about Bakupify which offers a back-up service for all your social media activity

What we got up to in a car park in Inverurie with a cow!

Beans on Toast - We review the Red Laser iPhone App

We also review a couple of other iPhone Apps - AudioBoo and Four Square

Although, we may have referred to Four Square as SquareSpace in the podcast which is something completely different! We will address this in the next podcast (I blame Kyle!)

New Media Breakfast 29th January - Social Media in the Work Place

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

What happens at a Fake Bake at Home Party?

We recently filmed a FaKe Bake at Home Party to capture what actually happens at these events, what we didn't figure out in advance was how much of the footage we couldn't use on a public channel!!!  I guess that's what happens when 20 women get together in their casual gear drinking wine and champagne!!!

Here's the video footage we could use.

Monday, January 11, 2010

New Media Breakfast Glasgow 29th January

Exploring the issues surrounding employee access and the use of social media as a communication tool.

We have been asked on numerous occasions in the latter part of 2009, and already in 2010, about allowing employees access to social networks at work; should they encourage employees to use social networking in connection with their business and, what are the potential pitfalls if they do?

There is no right or wrong answer to this; many factors will influence whether or not it is right for your business.  With this in mind, the next New Media Breakfast will explore the topic in order to help you make a more informed decision about allowing access and the use of social media in your business.

The meeting will be an open discussion with two or three very short presentations designed to help the process.  We are still formalising the exact content of each presentation however, we will structure them to help cover the following issues:

• Does enabling social networks in the workplace adversely affect productivity?
• What are the options if I do allow staff to use social networks?
• Are guidelines available?
• What are other organisations doing?
• What are the potential risks and rewards?
• Will it fit with other marketing activities?
• What does it cost?
• What are the common mistakes?
• Can you keep your brand off social media?

We don’t particularly want to focus too much on actual social media tools, they will change; this discussion is more about the principle of adopting social media as a communication tool.

There is little doubt you will continue to hear about social media in 2010 and you will probably be asking if, and when, it is right for your business; hopefully this New Media Breakfast will help you to focus on the issues you need to consider to make the right decision.

So, if you would like to be part of the discussion or, you simply want to hear what others think, come along on the 29th to No. 29, Royal Exchange Square, Glasgow.  We would like to see you there and we look forward to finding out the thoughts of business leaders, charitable organisations and the public sector about this extremely important issue.

To book your place click here and follow the payment details at the bottom of the page.

No.29 Members
If you are a 29 Member please email Malcolm with your name, company name and 29 membership number.

Friday, January 01, 2010

Social Media Podcast No.12

Just like buses, you wait ages for one then three come along in quick succession.

This is a short interview with John McTaggart of Modernity Scotland. John talks about social media in education and how Modernity Scotland are using social networks to deliver up-to-date content. He also talks about the use of social media by the political parties ahead of the General Election and why social media may be even more important in the Scottish Elections.

Thank you to John for the interview.