Monday, June 21, 2010

We have changed our name

On the 17th June 2010 Podcastmatters merged with Design Matters and now we are called fatBuzz Ltd.

Please visit our web site and our new blog at the following links:

Friday, June 11, 2010

FACEBOOK, July New Media Breakfast Glasgow and Edinburgh

8am on Friday 2nd JULY 2010 at No.29, Glasgow
8am on Thursday 15th JULY 2010 at The Tower Restaurant, Chambers Street, Edinburgh

Facebook is without doubt the largest and most popular social network with over 400 million users world wide, it's difficult to avoid it nowadays with such a large following of private and business users.

Are you getting the most from your Facebook activity? Is your Facebook set up properly for your business; should you use a Group, a Facebook Page, Facebook Causes or, your personal provile? How do you determine your privacy settings? These are all questions we will explore at the next New Media Breakfast.

Facebook advertising is growing everyday in popularity and importance; Joel Lumsden, the tallest member of the Attacat Internet Marketing team will make a cameo appearance at this breakfast to talk about why this relatively new platform is generating such a buzz in the online marketing world. He’ll explain how it differs from conventional pay-per-click platforms such as Google AdWords, share examples and tips on how to achieve good returns, look at the incredible demographic profiling available to advertisers and generally give an impassioned call to action for businesses to take advantage of the window of opportunity that Facebook advertising represents.

Early indications are that this will be an extremely popular subject so, please book now to ensure your place.

This event is complimentary to 29 Members - If you are a member you should email Malcolm to reserve your place.

Early indications are that this will be an extremely popular
subject so, please book now to ensure your place.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Days to go and things are getting delivered...

Only 7 days until the launch and we're starting to get "things" delivered to the office.  The latest delivery are some wonderful shirts for the launch night from NKD Clothing - who else would you possibly go to for your corporate branded clothing?

The NKD have advised, assisted, designed and delivered - it's so good to work with companies that do what they say they'll do - thank you Gill, Steph and the rest of the team.  And, thank you for your discretion and helping us to keep the name under wraps.

We will be doing a video about the whole process of choosing and designing the shirts but, Gill's off for a well deserved holiday so we'll get it finished when she gets back (Or, maybe she's leaving the country so she doesn't spill the beans about the new name!).

Wednesday, June 09, 2010

Client wins top RBS SE100 social business award in London

Our clients, The Grow Organisation UK Ltd, have just been announced as overall winners in the growth category 2009-2010  RBS SE100 Index of social businesses at an awards ceremony in London tonight.

Congratulations to CEO Alex Cosgrove and all of her team, we enjoy working with you and we had every confidence that your truly fantastic business would triumph.  We look forward to working with you as the business continues to 'grow'.

More on the award and this evening's event to follow.