Thursday, June 10, 2010

7 Days to go and things are getting delivered...

Only 7 days until the launch and we're starting to get "things" delivered to the office.  The latest delivery are some wonderful shirts for the launch night from NKD Clothing - who else would you possibly go to for your corporate branded clothing?

The NKD have advised, assisted, designed and delivered - it's so good to work with companies that do what they say they'll do - thank you Gill, Steph and the rest of the team.  And, thank you for your discretion and helping us to keep the name under wraps.

We will be doing a video about the whole process of choosing and designing the shirts but, Gill's off for a well deserved holiday so we'll get it finished when she gets back (Or, maybe she's leaving the country so she doesn't spill the beans about the new name!).

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