Thursday, December 24, 2009

Rounding off the year

Social Media Podcast No.11 is now available on iTunes. We chat about the hot stories this week in Social Media nad round up the year with a look at some of the work we've been doing and explore things like the "Book of the Year", Quote of the Year, Video of the Year and some other general ramblings.

You can search for "Social Media Podcast on iTunes or, link to it here.


  1. Thanks for a very insightful and entertaining podcast. I really enjoyed and appreciated the variety and scope of the items discussed - particularly the information about Telstra and Pepsi, it’s those kinds of “big” news stories that sometimes seem to go under the radar, but thanks to you guys are brought into the open. Also, loved the story where you plugged your laptop into the hotel electricity and they told you to remove it, even though you had bought coffee! These days service industries need to be aware how quick and how damaging bad reviews can spread, likewise good news and good feedback can make all the difference to a business. Looking forward to 2010’s podcasts!

  2. Oh, forgot ... where can I get notes from the podcast with all the links? A simple bullet list of the items with links on each subject would really help – unless you have done that I can’t find it! Which may be the case!

  3. Peter

    Thank you for your comments, it's always good to hear that people appreciate our efforts. We will continue to try and bring useful information to our listeners in 2010 and, we will try to keep our New Year resolution of trying to put out a Social Media Podcast at least twice a month.

    I am on holiday for a few days in Spain but I will get the various links posted on the Social Media Podcast group on our network as soon as I return

    Best wishes for 2010.



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