Friday, April 16, 2010

The iPad - Two weeks on...

We've been using the iPad for two weeks now and, if you listened to the Social Media Podcast review, you'll know that we concluded that it was a very cool and beautifully designed toy.  We have shown it to many people now and most feel the same way - whether it's useful or not people still want one.

Well that was then.  We used the iPad in a client meeting on Wednesday and suddenly we realised it is the most remarkable tool for presentations, especially if it's a web based topic you're talking about.  The ability to pass the iPad to the client, the ability to find a web site and flip it over to show the client and, the speed at which it works makes it a truly fantastic meeting room device.  No need to get the laptop screen at the right angle for someone else to view and no need to huddle round the screen, it was a genuine eye opener.

Battery life is amazing and it makes you wonder why the iPhone is so bad.  After a one hour meeting and constant use the battery was still 92%.   The iPad doesn't seem to heat up either, maybe someone can explain why that is?

We weren't looking to justify the purchase price but, it's nice when suddenly something you were happy to own as a gadget becomes a truly useful and impressive work tool.


  1. I think it would be good if it could connect viA bluetooth to your iPhone and then it would be complete.

  2. Apple were asked if they would be allowing "tethering" to which they answered a very firm NO.

    There may be ways round that, I'm exploring them now.

  3. Whilst it didn't answer the tethering question, Jon Mountjoy was relaying live video from his iPhone to the iPad screen at Edinburgh Coffee Morning today. I'm sure there must be some business critical application in that process somehow ;)

  4. I think he's maybe used uStream or Bambuser which are both browser based applications.

    Our resident gadget man, Iain Murray, can create a Wifi Hotspot from his Nokia phone that then gives him internet access on his iTouch. Problem is, the Joiku software doesn't appear to work from an iPhone. If anyone knows similar software for the iPhone please let me know.

  5. I've heard that if you're doing a presentation and you are hooked up to an external screen/projector and try to show a weblink/non-embedded YouTube video it won't play them on the big screen - anyone confirm?

  6. Haven't tried that yet but I'll give it a go soon - not during a presentation though!


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