Saturday, February 13, 2010

New Social Media Podcast - Edition 14

On the latest Social Media Podcast we have Scott Allison talking about his trip to Las Vegas to visit the headquarters of Zappos who are renowned for their customer service mainly delivered through the use of Twitter.  Scot tells us how the trip came about and provides a first hand insight about how Zappos operate the company around 10 core values.  It's always useful to look at what successful companies do and even more so when you can hear it from someone who has actually been there and met the people involved.

We were also joined by Iain Murray and Shona Lyttel from Chardfm who talked about Social Media access in the workplace and the forthcoming New Media Breakfast about Social Media on the move.  Iain Murray, MD of Chardfm will present on this subject and on the podcast he told us about some of the tools we will be looking at.

Other topics on Edition 14 include our new iPhone App, our favourite applications, who should you put in charge of you social media activity and the forthcoming interview with Paul Levinson, professor of Communication & Media Studies at Fordham University in New York and author of the book, New New Media.

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