Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Things are starting to happen

Today is a bit of a milestone for Podcastmatters and Design Matters. As you are probably all aware, we are merging the businesses and launching the new company and new name on the 17th June so, why is today important?  Today we received our stationery from the printer (who is sworn to secrecy) which is the first time we have seen the new name in print and we are all delighted with the result.

Seeing the name in print somehow makes it all a bit more real; up until now we have talked about it, we've created the branding, we've even started work on the web site but, actually holding a printed version in your hand seems to move everything on to a new level.

When we first announced the name change we put a countdown clock on the network site with 72 days to go and that seemed like lots of time to get everything done; now it's at 23 days, 20 hours and 12 minutes to go and the "To Do" list seems to be getting longer.  The invitations have gone out and plans are well underway (or so I'm told) for the launch event at No.29, if everything goes to plan that will be a great night.

The whole experience of changing the name has been great.  Over the past 24 years we've helped many organisations with their branding from start-up businesses to companies wishing to rebrand but strangely we've never actually been involved in quite such a radical change as this.  After the 17th June we will probably share more about this whole experience in the blog and on the Social Media Podcast and, if you are changing your name, we'll be happy to share our experience in detail with you.

Please keep following the blog for more updates as the 17th draws closer, it's exciting times for us and we would like to share them with you.

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