Sunday, October 29, 2006


Like any corporate communication, podcasts need proper planning.

If you intend to use podcasting as a means of communication, it is important to develop a strategy that clearly identifies your objectives and truly reflects your brand.

Here are some of the initial considerations:

What is the purpose of the podcast, promotion, information, training or, a mixture of some or all?

What style is most appropriate, serious, humorous, light-hearted, corporate or, a mixture?

Presentation; in-house staff member or external professional.

Who will provide the content, generated internally, sourced externally or, combination of both?

How frequently will you produce podcasts, regular productions or released as required?

What is the target length of the programme?

How do you plan to promote the podcast service to existing and new customers?

Podcastmatters work closely with clients to help establish a strategy that fulfils all the aims and objects and promotes the brand in a professional manner.

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