Sunday, October 29, 2006


Training is essential to any business. In a fast moving technological world, there is a constant need to train, update and refresh employees. Unfortunately, training staff means taking them away from their normal role and that is costly.

Podcasting reduces staff downtime.

By developing a podcast based training programme it is possible to deliver strong, effective messages to staff without the need to take them from the workplace. Remember: you don't need to be download a podcast to an mp3 player; you can be view them on a computer.

National Semiconductor has already purchased 8500 iPod Videos to distribute to staff for training and communication. This represents a $3m dollar investment in hardware alone; they obviously believe there is a value in podcast training.

Content doesn't necessarily need to be generated by the company; other relevant podcasts are distributable via the same channels as the in-house training versions.

Consumer product training via podcast reduces the burden on customer support departments. Clear audio or video instructions are much more effective than written manuals.

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