Sunday, October 29, 2006


The Internet has created a source for information that is not only enjoyable to consume but easy to use. Gathering information has never been easier, quicker or more enjoyable.

However, consumers have become increasingly sophisticated about how they receive their information. Advances in technology have enabled new methods of content delivery. Consumers now want content that is able to be time and space shifted.

'"Time" shifted media is information recorded for consumption later. "Space" shifted media is information that is downloaded and transferred to a portable device allowing the user to watch or listen to it where and when they want.

Provision of time and space shifted media is the key to successful communication.

Already communication experts are saying if your message is not portable, it is dead.

Podcasting provides portability and has become thee major method of effective communication.

This blog will explain the various aspects of podcasting as well as peoviding useful facts and figures from the inductry. We also bring you all the latest industry information.

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