Sunday, October 29, 2006


The content is the most important part of a podcast.

No amount of editing, clever presentation or catchy music will mask bad content.

If the message is not interesting or valuable, people wont listen.

Podcastmatters will assist you with scripting, ensuring you have the correct content mix to make your podcasting both interesting and informative.

You may wish to provide your own content or, parts of it, if so we can work with you to ensure it is a suitable format, length and style for your podcast.

Whilst each podcast is scripted, it is not necessarily going to be presented in a scripted manner. We work with you to achieve a unique style for your podcast, which may be in the form of a discussion or an interview. The aim is to get your particular message to your target audience in the manner they will best accept it.

There may be people in the organisation that can present your podcast with greater passion than a professional presenter can, if so we can work with them to develop their broadcast presentation skills.

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