Sunday, October 29, 2006


Podcasts are audio or video* messages delivered via computers onto hand held devices, normally mp3 players. Files are stored on a server and accessed via podcast delivery channels. The most popular channels are currently iTunes and Yahoo Music Store although hundreds of new channels are emerging. Many of these channels, or directories, are dedicated to business content.

The delivery channel will display details of the name, content and graphics for the podcasts on a directory. When the viewer clicks on the name they see details of all the published episodes, they can then choose to download a specific episode or subscribe to the podcast (subscriptions are free of charge). When the viewer 'subscribes', they will automatically receive all future podcasts whenever they refresh on iTunes.

A customer who consumes your message on their terms is a satisfied customer.

Podcasting success can be attributed to the corporate belief, you should do unto customers as they want done unto them.

Currently mp3 files need to be downloaded from a computer, technology is under development to enable wireless downloads directly from the Internet onto the player. Sonos, the mp3 manufacturer, has announced their new wireless model will be available by the end of the year. This emphasises the growing demand for portability.

*It is also possible to deliver PDF files via podcast channels.

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