Sunday, October 29, 2006


The real beauty of podcasting is that it's a global communication; your message can go all round the world within minutes of you publishing it.

When you have recorded the content, encoded the files and, uploaded to the server, you are ready to tell the world about your podcast.

Podcast Directories publish categorised lists of podcasts and it is important to have your podcast listed on the main directories. Currently the most popular directories are iTunes Music Store and Yahoo Music Store. Many other directories exist and many more will emerge in the future.

It is important to list your podcast in the proper categories and use good descriptions and strong graphics. Podcast Directories are similar to Search Engines in that your podcast will be competing for attention alongside many other podcast of a similar nature.

Popular Podcast Directories include:

• iTunes Music Store

• Yahoo Music Store



• Podcast Alley

• Podcast Central

• Pod Nova

The list is extensive.

Directory submissions will get your podcast noticed however, like any other business activity, ultimate success is down to marketing; both on and off line.

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