Sunday, October 29, 2006


National Semiconductor has just issued 8500 video iPods to their staff because they have identified Podcasting as the best method of communication and training.

Amazon has recently announced it is to start selling pre-loaded mp3 players. They will offer these devices with content of your choice already loaded.

70% of cars sold now have some kind of mp3 connection.

Business podcasts are amongst the most popular, this is evident when you consider that Business Week, In Business, City PM, Financial Times, The Guardian, Today, The Chartered Financial Analyst and The Wall Street Journal all feature regularly in the top 50 podcast downloads on iTunes.

Other notable business podcasts available on iTunes by organisations such as UBS Bank, Deloittes, McKinsey, Accountancy Age, MBA, Bank of Scotland and Venture Week., the leading Internet provider of Internet and video conferencing facilities, now offers to provide same day podcasts from your conference calls.

Further proof of the growing popularity of this communication channel is evident when you see companies like Cisco, IBM, BMW and Johnson and Johnson publishing public consumption podcasts. Even The White House and the Scottish Executive have realised the enormous benefits and use Podcasting as a method of communication.

Concerning training, organisations are becoming aware of the benefits of audio and video Podcasting. The message is easy to consume but, more importantly, it drastically reduces the downtime normally set aside for training.

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