Sunday, October 29, 2006


Delivering information in an interesting manner makes the learning experience much easier. This applies whether the students are young or mature.

For young students the technology is appealing, most children are able to operate mp3 players and the vast majority already own them. Delivering lessons or revision sessions on podcast is an ideal way to reach the younger generation outside the classroom in a manner they will embrace.

The mature student is very often learning in their spare time. They need to be able to get lessons, information and study at odd times. Podcast delivery opens many more learning opportunities for these people.

It is not only convenient for the students to learn via podcasts, educators can benefit greatly from this new media. By committing lessons and lectures to podcast, they can create the perfect reference and revision tools.

Many individuals from commerce and industry have relevant experiences to share with students but simply don't have the time to offer, podcasting can be the key to releasing a vast wealth of knowledge not currently shared.

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