Sunday, October 29, 2006


Marketing and promotion is a key factor to success of any business. Communicating your message is vital if you are to gain market share.

Podcasting gives you a vital edge. Clear messages delivered directly into your customers’ ear.

It is very affordable. For the cost to produce a 30 second radio commercial, plus a minimal cost to host and serve the podcasts, you can be reaching your target customer in an entirely new way.

Apple estimated 10 million iTunes users in 2005, while some research analysts suggest it may be as many as 200 million today.

Here is an interesting development. Apple has collaborated with Motorola to offer an iTunes ready wireless phone device, the Motorola SLVR. Now you can listen to your music and podcasts right on your wireless phone.

Podcasting will very shortly not be just about viewing or listening on mp3 players. So if you do choose to use this medium as an advertising vehicle, your target will very soon have many different ways to review your message.

You should also note that podcasting is an opt-in service, meaning the receiver has given the podcaster permission to send it to them in an ongoing way.

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